Coaching Staff:

HS Womens team: Kelsea Bickerstaff & Taylor Kellum-Webb

HS Boys team: Cory Harden & Will Best

Middle School and Flag: Will Best & Kyle Lubbers

Our staff is certified at the USA 200 level with all being current players with multiple years of playing and coaching experience. 

Colts Rugby has been a running youth club since 1997. Our goal has always been to bring players in fom all walks of life and to develop them into great student athletes. 

Colts rugby has been used as a pathway to college, the military and our fire and police services. 

We hae sent multiple players to the national teams at the U-17, U19 & the Men's Eagles. 

Practices are held Monday thru Friday at the OU rugby pitch.

We welcome new players at any time; no experience is necessary. Wear athletic gear and bring water.